Increase your global presence and diversify your teams

Go Pro Abroad recruits qualified international students from over 110 countries.

Expand your international reach

Attract the best students from around the world with Go Pro Abroad.

Increase the diversity of students

Students can apply directly from over 110 countries.

Receive quality demands

You only receive qualified and complete applications.

Approved recruiter network

We work in partnership with more than 1000 recruiters monitored and trained around the world.

Verification of documents

Internal verification of key documents and diplomas.

Correspondence of candidates

Our platform ensures that only eligible students apply for your internships.

Promotional channels

Showcase your business on our platform, at events and on social media.

Recognized by many companies

They already trust us, so join recruiting companies all over the world with Go Pro Abroad.

The advantages of a partnership with Go Pro Abroad

Go Pro Abroad makes it easier to recruit international students. 

Spend less time verifying applications

The Go Pro Abroad team reviews applications to ensure they are complete and all required documents are included. This saves you time, while ensuring that applications meet your admission requirements.

Increase the diversity of your campus

Expand your international reach to students in over 110 countries, bringing new cultures and greater diversity to your teams.

Attract engaged students

Students are matched with the institution and program that is right for them, and also have the freedom to search based on their interests.


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It was a pleasure working with Go Pro Abroad. The team are very professional, knowledgeable and really advise what is best for our students. Throughout our partnership with Go Pro Abroad, they have been very responsible and dedicated in helping students achieve their educational goals.

Patrick N., HRD Marriot Hotel

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