Our Goproabroad International Admissions Office will provide a full Hospitality package of services to help you with all the arrangements before your travel and once arrived at destination : accomodation, ….


Goproabroad local teams will guide you to choose your right accommodation.


Especially abroad, where everything is different, figuring out how to find housing abroad can be difficult. Depending on the country and city, you will have a range of accommodation options : Campus accommodation, apartments to share or even small studios.


Goproabroad help you find your future accommodation, by putting you in contact with our accommodation providers and letting you visit those options that best suit you. Our local team will advise you on all contracts, lease agreements, deposits, landlords, roommates, and housing conditions in the country.

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Transport Abroad For Study Or Work Abroad


We will provide you with a public transport card that enables you to use bus and tram during your first days and we will also advise you on the transport network.

Mobile Phone

You will be provided with a pre-paid SIM card upon arrival, which will allow you to call and to surf the internet for your first days.

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Bank Account Study Abroad

Bank Account

You are offered the possibility to open a free bank account at our collaborating bank. Having a local bank account enables you to take care of your payments (such as the payment of the tuition fee and the rent) and provides you with a local debit card.

Country guide

Once arrived, our local teams will give you various brochures and tourist information that will help you to explore and get to know the city and your new surroundings.

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Residence Documents Administration

Residence documents administration

Depending on the country where you will stay, you might need to legalize your stay with some extra documents. We will help you to organize the documentation you will need.

Language courses

After your admission, you will have access to an online platform where you can improve your language skills. You also have the possibility to attend a language course during the summer period, organized at various levels.

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Summer Party Abroad

Meeting points

We will organise meeting parties with all Goproabroad community in order to facilitate integration between students.

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Our consultation is FREE. We will get back to you within 24 hours


Our consultation is FREE. We will get back to you within 24 hours
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