Student Visa in New Zealand

The Student visa allows you to work 20 hours while studying and 40 hours a week during holidays. You will need to pay the entire course before entering the country in order to apply for this visa.

Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand

The working holiday visa allows you to stay one year in the country and work 6 months (with a maximum of 3 months with the same employer).

Job search Visa in New Zealand

The Job Search Visa gives you one-year of residence and allows you to work to work on jobs related to the program of your studies.

Work Permit in New Zealand

The Work Permit Visa allows you to have a professional contract with a New Zealand employer.

Skilled Visa in New Zealand

The Skilled Visa is given to people whose professions are on the list of demanded professions by the New Zealand government.

Depending on age, studies, level of English, you will have a certain amount of points.

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Our consultation is FREE. We will get back to you within 24 hours
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